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Advertising on the LiveWire Network
Since December 2000, the LiveWire Network has been a gathering place for teenagers, college students, and those seeking technical support. We provide the infrastructure for peer-to-peer support.

LiveWire is the #1 search result for "Teen Forum" on Yahoo and the #2 on Google, AltaVista, DogPile, Go Network, Mamma, Metacrawler, WebCrawler, Snap and others.

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About Our Visitors

  • 17 Million Page Views Per Month
  • 300,000 Unique Visitors Per Month
  • 84% United States
  • 7% Canada
  • Over 127,000 members

  • Teens
  • Age range is 13-24
  • Average age is 16
  • 61% Female, 39% Male
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More Information
You can start advertising today for only $49.00. Unlike other organizations who call a minimum of five hundred dollars an introductory rate, LiveWire has set this very low minimum to encourage individuals and small companies to mount effective advertising campaigns using our AdManager.

We prefer to accept payments securely online with PayPal, but we will accept cash by mail. We no longer accept checks.

A recent study found that teens (13-19) spend $94.7 billion annually and young adults (20-21) spend $61.2 billion annually. Over 60% of the income of teens and young adults comes from their jobs, and not from parents, thus most of a typical teenager's money is available for discretionary spending.